Hearing Aid Accessories

Helpful Hearing Aid Accessories to Simplify Your Life

Each patient is special to us, so the dedicated hearing care professionals at Better Hearing Rehabilitation Center will take the time to get to know you in order to determine the best hearing solutions for you. Then they will show you what you need as far as accessories go – and what you don’t – to get the most out of your hearing aid.

Basic Hearing Aid Accessories

You just got fitted for a hearing aid and you can’t wait to hear all the sounds you’ve been missing. Then you find out there’s a list of hearing accessories that you may also need. Don’t worry, there is some maintenance involved with caring for your hearing device, but as you’ll see from the list below, upkeep is not costly or complicated.


Some hearing aids run on rechargeable batteries but many still depend on disposable batteries.


There are a variety of devices that allow for real time streaming of audio from peripheral devices. These devices can include cell phones, TVs, MP3 players, computers and other electronic devices that contain Bluetooth technology or offer an audio out/mic jack.

Earwax Remover

For people that produce a lot of wax there is a solution available that assists in dissolving the wax.


This is a soothing and refreshing ear lotion that can be utilized for ear hygiene and itching ears.

Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

Moisture can cause damage to the sensitive workings of a hearing aid. A dehumidifier is recommended for people who live in humid regions or must expose their hearing devices to excessive moisture. Some dehumidifiers also sanitize the hearing aid as it dries.

Wax Brushes, Picks, and Guards

These items help prevent earwax from seeping into or clogging the hearing aid.

Other accessories that can improve your hearing and make life with hearing loss easier include phone pads, telephones with volume control, hearing aids that are Bluetooth compatible and a personal amplifier. And for your convenience, most of the basic hearing accessories you need can typically be purchased in a hearing aid kit.

The right hearing aid accessories help you speak and listen with confidence.