Patient Reviews of Better Hearing Rehabilitation Center

I have become dependent on my hearing aids for many important facets of life. I am in turn dependent on my audiologist. Dr. Shaina Stapleton, along with her assistant Angela Ware, have been a Godsend. I appreciate her attention and patience immensely. She has made my life better.

– Michael

My regular ENT physician had tested and recommended hearing aids for both my ears. A close friend of mine urged me to see Dr. Stapleton for recommendation and pricing after I told him what my ENT had quoted. I made an appointment with Dr.Stapleton; she reviewed my previous tests and agreed with my ENT in so far as diagnosis and the appropriate hardware. The difference for the exact same brand /models was almost half the price. I also thoroughly appreciated Dr. Stapleton’s pleasant disposition and very professional skill and care.

– John

I had a great experience at BHRC. Dr. Stapleton and her assistant are very professional and efficient. I highly recommend her services.

– Mark

I was directed to Better Hearing through my insurance company saving me almost half the cost of my hearing aids. I can now hear sounds like the clock ticking and the timer on my oven. My hearing has increased so much awareness of my surroundings. Thank you, Dr. Stapleton, for your patience and getting my hearing aids to fit making my life improved. Now I can enjoy my surroundings.

– Jean

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Stapleton. The ringing in my ears (tinnitus) is at a much better level. My new hearing aids from Better Hearing are far better than my last pair, and they have definitely improved my quality of life. Dr. Stapleton completely walked me through the process of how to get the most of my new hearing devices.

– Harold

Dr. Stapleton is always a very kind and helpful professional.

– Ursula

My experience at Better Hearing Rehabilitation Center was wonderful. I loved the doctor and appreciated her patience and professionalism. She thoroughly explained and guided me through the hearing testing and hearing aid fitting, making me feel relaxed and comfortable. She had helpful suggestions for all of my questions and concerns. Her clear excitement when I told her some of the things I was now able to hear (like my turn signal so I don’t forget to turn it off anymore) was sweet and touching. This doctor was so pleasant and well-informed that as we left my husband asked if he could also come see her for a hearing evaluation. In addition, the front desk reception was warm, welcoming and informative; and the office was clean and comfortable. Overall, our experience was very good and we would recommend Better Hearing Rehabilitation Center to anyone.

– Barbara

Dr. Shaina Stapleton was so pleasant when doing my hearing tests and hearing aid fitting. I definitely recommend her. Thank you!

– Susan

The Better Hearing organization is fantastic and everyone is extremely professional. Dr. Stapleton is a fantastic doctor and I highly recommend them.

– John

I was diagnosed with hearing loss sometime around 2015. But quite frankly, I think I have had a hearing problem all my life. As I got a bit older it got worse. But now I can hear my bath water running, squeaks in the floor, and for the past couple of weeks, I have been able to hear the neighborhood dogs. I’m appreciating life more. Thank you and many blessings Dr. Stapleton.

– Simona

The staff at Better Hearing were very professional and courteous. I am amazed at how well my hearing aids work.

– Lisa

Getting the hearing aids has made such an improvement to my life. Family gatherings are now pleasant as well as talking on the phone. My family appreciates them as much as I do! Thank you very much.

– Janet

Dr. Stapleton has restored my hearing. While I was having trouble hearing sometimes, I did not realize the extent of what I was missing. After I received my hearing aid, I drove home and was surprised at the sound of the turn signal, the windshield wipers and the rain hitting the windshield. At church, I was having trouble hearing the sermon, now I can hear the message. It’s easier for me to have conversations and not ask someone to repeat what they said. I feel younger and more engaged. I highly recommend Dr. Stapleton. She is very pleasant, very thorough, knows how to help you, explains everything and great to work with.

– Bill

Dr. Stapleton was not only very knowledgeable and professional in her service, but she made what could have been an intimidating process into a pleasurable one. She also explained all aspects of how to “live” with my new hearing assistance including demystifying their connection to my iPhone. My experience with BHRC has been outstanding. Not only is Dr. Stapleton knowledgeable and professional, her delightful Patient Care Coordinator, Shanda White, compliments Dr. Stapleton by providing a courteous, efficient, and pleasant environment. I have recommended BHRC to my friends and am quick to sing their praises. I highly recommend BHRC for your hearing care.

– Tom

Before I got my hearing aid, I struggled to hear what people were saying and learned to read lips.Thanks to Better Hearing and Dr. Stapleton, now I don’t have to do that. I can hear better and don’t have to turn the volume up anymore. I am very grateful.

– Kathy

I have been a patient of Dr. S. Stapleton since March 2019. She is very professional and competent. She checked my hearing, adjusted the new hearing aids and was patient teaching me the idiosyncrasies of my new hearing aids.

– Tammy

After visiting several audiologists in the Triangle Area, we decided to buy my hearing aids from Better Hearing Rehabilitation Center in Durham for several reasons: Dr. Stapleton gave me the most thorough exam. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. The cost was most competitive. The hearing aids are excellent – I can hear birds singing for the first time in many years although I had other hearing aids.

– Carmen

I contacted Better Hearing in Durham and Dr. Stapleton did an outstanding job checking my hearing. She is very pleasant and explained all aspects of my hearing and my existing need for hearing aids. I am very pleased with the outcome!

– J. Clay

I was provided with high quality hearing care and Dr. Stapleton and her staff made me feel at ease during my visit. What amazes me is how much people miss if they aren’t able to hear well and it isn’t until your hearing is corrected that you realize how much you are missing. Life is really nice when you have really nice people to help you with your hearing. Thank you!

– Elward

Dr. Stapleton, thank you for your compassion. When I met you, I was at my lowest point of hearing and depended upon one hearing aid because the other was out. I could hear, but my understanding was low. Many thanks to you and your staff for helping me find my way back to the real world of hearing. My hearing aids are working well, and many thanks again for helping this 90 year-old lady make a choice.

– Eunice

In early 2016, Dr. Shaina Stapleton installed new tubing and filters then recalibrated my hearing aids. She did not pressure me to purchase new hearing aids. A year later I stopped at Dr. Stapleton’s office, and to my amazement, she remembered me and the hearing aids I had. She again took time from her busy schedule, replaced the tubing and filters. This September, I thought I should purchase new hearing aids so I would have a backup set in that my hearing loss is profound. Within a week I left her office with new hearing aids, and to my amazement, I heard sounds that I have not heard for several years. During the scheduled follow up visits, Dr. Stapleton made adjustments as necessary with exceptional kindness and professionalism. I highly recommend Better Hearing and without reservation recommend Dr. Stapleton to anyone with hearing loss.

– Thomas

Dr. Stapleton is an extremely intelligent audiologist with the ability to immediately put you at ease with her kindness. She helped me tremendously with my tinnitus issues and hearing loss. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an audiologist.

– Jean

I am so pleased with care and finally being able to hear my students clearly! I have been missing so much in my life. It’s a whole new “WORLD”. Dr. Stapleton’s expertise and time spent with me were above and beyond what I could expect. I will recommend her to all of my associates.

– Catherine

Thank you for a wonderful experience fitting me with my new hearing aids. You have given me a new outlook regarding my hearing, plus my wife is happy. From the moment I entered your office, talking with Maria, I knew I was going to have a positive experience. Working with Dr. Stapleton was even better; she is very professional but also made this a fun experience. Dr. Stapleton’s knowledge and manner provide me the comfort and assurance I needed to make this decision to invest in a better life style of hearing. I feel very comfortable referring my family and friends to Better Hearing Rehab Center for them to experience better hearing such as I have. Thanks!

– Lamar

Dr. Stapleton has provided excellent service. She listened carefully to my needs and concerns; she spent as much time as I needed to assure I understood my options and had the right programming. She is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.

– Barbara

Not only is Dr. Stapleton skilled; she takes a personal interest in her patients’ well-being. Hoping to find a more thorough hearing evaluation from an Audiologist than from the Hearing Aid Specialist I had dealt with. I chose Dr. Stapleton based on information in the newspaper advertisement. She did not disappoint. She conducted extensive tests which yielded the data for the programming of the hearing aids for my specific needs. Not only is she skilled; she takes a personal interest in her patients’ well-being. I highly recommend her.

– Jane

Dr. Stapleton at Better Hearing has been instrumental in improving my hearing. She tested my hearing, analyzed my hearing aids, made modifications to them and then patiently adjusted them so their performance was significantly improved, all to the benefit of my hearing. I have found Dr. Stapleton to be very knowledgeable, pleasant, cheerful, professional and dedicated to her patients. Her staff also does a fine job of running the office and helping patients. I would definitely recommend Better Hearing Rehabilitation Center.

– Perry

I received gentle caring and non-pressured attention from Better Hearing Rehabilitation Center. Every effort was made to enable me to use my inherited old hearing aids. The new ones I chose to buy enabled me to hear sounds I had long since forgotten. I turned the TV down rather than up and I can hear very much better. Thank you.

– Joseph

I believe I was in denial regarding my hearing loss for a long time. Then I noticed that I could not hear my granddaughter talking to me. I said they talked too fast. I then realized something was wrong. With my son’s suggestion I made an appointment to see Dr. Stapleton. I’m happy that I did. I feel comfortable in the company of people and hearing my granddaughter’s conversations.

– Joann

If you are looking for a Doctor of Audiology who intricately knows her field rather than just a ‘hearing specialist’ that you find in most all of the ‘chain’ audiology stores, give Dr. Shaina Stapleton at Better Hearing Solutions a ring. She is widely versed in hearing problems and the different products out there that could help your hearing. Unlike some of the ‘chain’ audiology stores, Dr. Stapleton takes the time to listen and learn from you, test your hearing and provide you with several alternative solutions/aids at various price levels for your particular problem. Shaina can fine tune adjustments to these aids, and you will find her willing to bend over backwards to see that you are fitted with the right, properly adjusted hearing aid for you. Add her winsome personality, engaging style and extensive knowledge of her field and you have a thoroughly trained doctor who provides you with the best care you can imagine.

– David

I didn’t realize what I was missing and best of all I hear my grandchildren’s sweet voices. Dr. Stapleton fit me with hearing aids this past spring and it has been a life changing experience. Why did I put it off for years? She is kind, knowledgeable and very sensitive to my needs. She just made it so easy. Thanks for everything!

– David

My hearing aids have been very satisfying. I received expert help and Dr. Stapleton was so kind and patient. I really appreciated her expertise and patience and am grateful to Better Hearing Rehabilitation for taking care of my hearing problems. Thanks!

– Fay

Dr. Stapleton is the best. She is helpful, competent and friendly. Better Hearing Rehabilitation Center has provided me with the best service.

– Larry

My improved hearing is letting me enjoy ‘100 sounds’. Dr. Stapleton is one of the finest medical professionals I know. She is compassionate, understanding and sincere with a great bedside manner. If anyone I know needs her services, I will be sure to recommend her!

– Vincent